The Living Theory was built to help people come alive. To shake them and direct their attention towards the best things in life. To assist in breaking from things that hold us back, embracing possibility, and living a life that's envisioned.

In a simple sense, that's why it's called The Living Theory—a theory that life is better spent on our toes, living with purpose and excitement, rather than on our heels, seeking comfort and security above all else.

I encourage you to live deliberately. To not coast though life, but to see the world around you, question it, and live with courageous intention. I write about my questions, answers, and the thoughts and strategies that stem from them as I live, explore, and experience the world.

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My name is Ethan Maurice and I'm the creator and author of The Living Theory. After nearly dying from the sudden onset of a rare brain infection, I realized I wasn't really living my life. As many of us do, I was putting things off, waiting for "someday" to land in my lap. I had to do better. Since, I've been passionately learning, adventuring, and living life, knowing tomorrow isn't guaranteed. I've found myself atop 14,000ft peak in a snowstorm, steered a cruise ship past the Statue of Liberty, bicycled 4,450 miles across the United States, and fundraised over $100,000 for two remarkable charities.

I'm just getting started.

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