how to travel cheap

How to Travel the World on the Cheap

If you know what you're doing, traveling can be cheaper than living at home.

I'm often baffled by how extraordinary and inexpensive modern day travel can be if you know what you're doing. I've been out, exploring the world for the past three years and have run into all these travel strategies and resources that have just opened up the world to me.

One day I thought, "Somebody should really put all these things together in one place so this doesn't take so long to figure out."

So, I did that. I spent four months writing "GO. A Ridiculously Useful Guide to Cheap, Unconventional Travel," combining all that information and a bunch of links into one downloadable guide that can open up the world to you:

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Download "GO. A Ridiculously Useful Guide to Cheap, Unconventional Travel":